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Arbitration Court in Singapore

Arbitration Court in Singapore

The Industrial Arbitration Court in Singapore

Singapore is a renowned international arbitration center and it hosts two of the largest institutions in the world: the Industrial Arbitration Court (IAC) and the Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC).  The Industrial Arbitration Court deals with the registration and certification of collective agreements in Singapore and resolution of industrial disputes. The Industrial Arbitration Court is governed by a President or Deputy President appointed by the President of Singapore. The President of the Singapore Arbitration Court will benefit from the same rights, protection and privileges as the Judge of the Supreme Court.

Mediation procedures in the Industrial Arbitration Court may be conducted by the President and two panel members or by a referee appointed by the President. The two panel members will represent the Singapore employee and employer.  The Industrial Arbitration Court is supported by a Singapore Registrar acting as a public servant.

The Singapore International Arbitration Centre

The Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC) was enabled in 1991 and is a non-governmental organization. SIAC was established to rule in disputes arising from business relations without going through lengthy and costly legal proceedings in Singapore courts. The Singapore International Arbitration Centre is currently the most efficient amicable dispute resolution institution in Asia. The Center is supervised by a Court of Arbitration and its management falls onto the shoulders of a Board of Directors.  SIAC is comprised of international business community specialists from Asia, Europe and the North America. The Singapore International Arbitration Centre has approximately 400 members from over 32 countries at the moment.

Our lawyers in Singapore will provide you with more details about arbitration procedures conducted by SIAC.

Other arbitration institutions in Singapore

Even though they are the largest, the Singapore Industrial Arbitration Court and the International Arbitration Centre are not the only mediation institutions within the city-state. The country is also home to the Singapore International Mediation Centre, to the Singapore Mediation Centre and to the Singapore Chamber of Maritime Arbitration.

The Singapore International Mediation Centre was established in 2014 and offers mediation services in cross-border commercial disputes, while the Singapore Mediation Centre promotes and facilitates the access to alternative dispute resolution procedures. The Chamber of Maritime Arbitration addresses the maritime community in Singapore.

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