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Company Due Diligence in Singapore

Company Due Diligence in Singapore

Due diligence procedure in Singapore represents the measures taken by a buyer at the purchase of a certain type of propertyDue diligence procedures are regulated in Singapore by the Council of Estate Agencies, a body created to verify if a sale of property is done in good faith. If you are interested in purchasing a company in Singaporeour lawyers can provide you with effective due diligence procedures

The video below shows the main types of company due diligence procedures available in Singapore:

Types of due diligence procedures in Singapore 

If you are interested in acquiring a certain company in Singapore, we highly recommend you to ask for legal advice, as there are several aspects that should be checked. Our law firm in Singapore is specialized on various fields that are of interest in a due diligence procedure (taxes and financial aspects). The aspects that should be verified at a sale of a company are more complex than those concerning the sale of real estate property

Company due diligence procedures should cover the management risk, by verifying the corporate structure of the company. Our lawyers in Singapore can also verify if the company has to pay various sanctions and it can verify the legal background of the company. When buying a company, it is very important to see if the management or the investors of the company have been involved in any litigious cases and what were the premises of those particular cases. 

Financial due diligence in Singapore 

It is crucial to verify if the company that is being sold has any liabilities; to testify this, you will need skilled professionals in the field of financial and tax legislation, who can control the company’s business records and official documents for any liabilities. 

Financial and tax due diligence may refer to the verification of the following: 

• cash flows;

• working capital;

• earnings and the assets of the company;

• liabilities (if any);

• direct and indirect tax contingencies;

• transactions performed by the previous management.

If you are interested in due diligence procedures performed on a company, please contact our team of lawyers in Singapore, who can provide you more information on this subject.