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Company Registration in Singapore

Company Registration in Singapore

What are the company pre-registration requisites in Singapore?

According to the Singapore Corporate Lawa company must comply with certain requirements before the registration procedure. Foreign investors must know the following information:

  • – the company name must be approved before company registration in Singapore,
  • – the company must have at least one resident director,
  • – the company must have at least one shareholder and a company secretary,
  • – the minimum share capital for companies in Singapore is 1S$,
  • – the company must have a registered address.

Foreign investors must also hire a Singapore law firm or a professional firm to conduct the company registration procedure.

The company registration process is also explained in the video below:

What are the required documents for company registration in Singapore?

According to the Companies Law in Singapore, when incorporating a company, the following documents must be submitted with the Companies Registrar:

  • – the company name,
  • – a description of the company’s activities,
  • – detailed information about the company’s shareholders and directors,
  • – the registered address,
  • – details about the company secretary,
  • – the Singapore company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association.

Foreign enterprisers must submit a passport copy, proof of overseas residential address, a personal and business profile. Foreign companies opening subsidiaries in Singapore must submit a copy after the company’s certificate of incorporation. Our law firm in Singapore can draft the Articles of Association for companies to be registered.

Are there other requirements after the Singapore company has been registered?

Once the Singapore company is registered the Companies Registrar will issue the certificate of incorporation and a company business profile which will be useful for further post-incorporation procedures. After the company is registered there are few other steps to complete before starting operating:

This procedure must also be followed when registering a subsidiary or when opening a branch in Singapore.  

Once the company has been registered, the Companies Law provisions certain annual filing requirements. For details about annual filing requirements you may contact our Singapore lawyers.

Persons who are foreign investors and who want to start the procedure for company registration in Singapore will first have to comply with specific immigration procedures. 

This implies that they will have to complete a set of steps for immigration to Singapore, such as obtaining a suitable business visa that will grant them the right to start a business venture here, which must first be approved by the Singaporean institutions

You can find out the visa options for businessmen from our immigration lawyers in Singapore. The law distinguishes between 2 types of visas – visas for business purposes and visas for investments. 

While the first are easier to obtain, the latter have very complex requirements. For instance, the Global Investor Program visa has an investment threshold requirement of minimum SGD 2,5 million. 

The advantage of this Global Investor Program is that it can offer to qualifying investors a residence permit in Singapore issued on a permanent basis, along with other advantages. 

For this, the foreigner must invest the said money in a new business or a company that is already operational, or in certain types of investment funds that are approved by the Singaporean authorities