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Digital Nomad Visa in Singapore

Digital Nomad Visa in Singapore

For the nationals of some countries, there is the possibility of arriving in Singapore without applying for any particular visa, as long as the duration of stay is of maximum 30 days (depending on the nationality, this period can be even longer). Thus, for those who want to arrive here for digital nomad purposes, there will not be any need to apply for a digital nomad visa in Singapore

digital nomad in Singapore refers to any foreigner who arrives here for traveling and work purposes, as long as the work activities developed by the person are related to his or her country of origin, and as long as those activities can be developed remotely, with the assistance of a laptop. 

For locals, the same activity is referred to as remote work, the difference between remote work, which is a type of digital work activity, and a digital nomad, is the fact that in the first situation the person works remotely but has his or her residency in Singapore, while the latter does the same thing, but travels to different destinations without establishing the residency in the said countries. 

What should one consider when becoming a digital nomad in Singapore? 

There are a number of aspects that should be taken into consideration when relocating to Singaporefor a limited period of time. Even if the person will benefit from a visa exemption for short-term stays, one should make the necessary arrangements for accommodation. Although foreigners can easily book hotel rooms, they are rather expensive, and for stays of at least few weeks or months, the rental of an apartment is more appropriate. 

Foreigners must also make sure that they have good internet services in the place where they live or, if they prefer to work in a co-working space, which is another possibility, they should be prepared to pay the usual fee applied by these working environments. Also, one must know that being a digital nomad in Singapore is more expensive compared to other countries, as Singapore is one of the leading global economies. Some of the basic expenses are as follows: 

  • renting an apartment can cost $2,000 per month (in the central region) – our lawyers in Singapore can help you sign the rental contract;
  • the basic utilities can add up to the total expenses minimum $100 per month, without the internet;
  • the internet can cost approximately $30 per month while eating out at a regular, not very expensive restaurant can cost at least $10 per person;
  • a co-working space can cost a digital nomad in Singapore approximately $50 per month;
  • although Singapore is a more expensive country, digital nomads have very good news when it comes to the quality of the internet – 180,61 Mbps (broadband download speed), and this is one of the best internet speeds in the world. 

What visa options are available for a digital nomad in Singapore? 

Currently, there isn’t a Singapore digital nomad visa, but there are visas that can be used for this purpose; our law firm in Singapore can present such visas and the conditions necessary for obtaining them. For example, young persons can opt to apply for the Work Holiday visa, which grants the right to traveling in Singapore, while developing limited work activities taxed in Singapore

This visa grants the right to a longer period of staying in the country, of up to six months, but the immigration document can be used only by persons who have an age of minimum 18 years old to 25 years old, according to the Ministry of Manpower

Please mind that this visa is available only for the nationals of few states with which Singapore has signed agreements for the enforcement of the work holiday program. If you are the national of another country, you will not be able to become a digital nomad in Singapore under this program; thus, other options must be observed and here, our team of lawyers in Singaporecan be of help. 

Regardless of the document required for the Singapore digital nomad visa, you will be asked to provide minimum personal documents and details, such as: the valid passport, current photos, taken with maximum 3 months before the application, proof of having a credit card/bank account and of course, information regarding the arrival in Singapore and the departure. 

Along with these, you must present information on your accommodation arrangements and any other documents that may be necessary. The digital nomad visa in Singapore can’t be used as a way to gain access to permanent residency here; if you want to get from the status of a digital nomad in Singapore to a resident, a more complex immigration procedure will have to be started. For advice on this or on the Singapore digital nomad visa, our team is ready to help you. So, do not hesitate to contact our law in Singapore.