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Dismissal of Employees in Singapore

Dismissal of Employees in Singapore

If you have a business in Singapore and you need,regardless of the reason, to dismiss employees, you should know the stipulations of the Employment Act for this action. In case you may need more details regarding the Employment Act and the law of Dismissal of Employees, you can ask for consultation from our lawyers in Singapore

Termination of a contract in Singapore 

According to the Ministry of Manpower in Singapore, the termination of a contract can happen by respecting the stipulations of the contract of service, signed between the employer and the employee. This type of contract stipulates the rights and obligations of both parties, including those related to payment or to the termination of the contract

Termination of a contract can occur if any of the parties involved wants to stop the collaboration. According to the Employment Act, in Singapore it is legal to terminate a contract with or without notice; also, employees who misconduct during the working schedule can be dismissed by their employer. A misconduct behavior may refer to stealing, lying, insubordination or immoral behavior. 

A contract can also terminate as the terms stipulated in the agreement have expired; this situation is encountered for contracts signed for determined period of time (in which parties are no longer interested to continue the collaboration) or for project based contracts

Stipulations of the Employment Act in Singapore

The Employment Act (EA) does not apply to all types of employees, as the following categories are excluded: seaman, domestic worker, individuals working in managerial position or individuals working in executive positions. 

The statutory minimum period of notice varies in Singapore according to the time in which the dismissed person worked in the company. As such, the EA stipulated the following:

• less than 26 weeks of service – one day of notice period;

• less than two years – one week;

• 2-5 years of service – two weeks;

• more than five years – four weeks of notice;

Our lawyers in Singapore can offer you more details on the provisions of the Employment Act, related to salary payments and other labor specifications applicable in this situation.

If you need further information on the dismissal of employees in Singapore, please contact our law firm for more details on the Employment Act