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Fiduciary Services in Singapore

Fiduciary Services in Singapore

What are the available fiduciary services in Singapore?

Companies and lawyers in Singapore are allowed to provide a wide range of fiduciary services to local and foreign investors. Foreign investors will benefit the most from the fiduciary services provided in Singapore, especially if they are not familiar with the business climate in the city-state. Whether they want to maintain the privacy of their identity or just appoint a trustee to conduct their business operations, here are few fiduciary services available in Singapore:

  • – nominee shareholder services,
  • – nominee director services,
  • – nominee secretary services,
  • – trustee services,
  • – accounting services.

The video below presents the main fiduciary services available in Singapore:

Corporate fiduciary services in Singapore

According to the Companies Act in Singapore, all companies are required to have at least one natural or corporate shareholder. It is not a requirement for the shareholder to be a Singapore resident. Considering that the legislation allows the incorporation of onshore and offshore companies in Singapore, one may appoint a nominee shareholder for any type of company in order to preserve corporate privacy.

The main role of the nominee shareholder in Singapore will be to hold the beneficial owner’s shares in trust and to be identified within the Companies Register. The nominee shareholder will be appointed by signing a Declaration of Trust through which the fiduciary engages to hold the shares on behalf of the beneficiary and return or transfer them as accorded.

Our Singapore lawyers provide nominee shareholder and director services to foreign investors.

Nominee company secretary services in Singapore

One of the key roles in a company is assigned to the secretary by the Singapore Corporate Governance Code. However, the company secretary must be a Singapore resident, which is why it is advisable to appoint a Singapore law firm or agent to act as company secretary. The nominee company secretary will fulfill the same duties as a regular secretary. Among the fiduciary services provided by our law firm in Singapore are:

  • – keeping and updating the company’s registries,
  • – file all required documents with the Singapore Trade Register in a timely manner,
  • – bank account opening in Singapore.

For complete fiduciary services provided by please contact our lawyers in Singapore.

Please contact us if you need further information on our fiduciary services. Our team can offer in-depth assistance on the tax regulations applicable to foreign individuals living here. 

Please mind that as a foreign national, you will need to apply for a residence permit in Singapore if you plan to live here on a long-term basis. For this, you will need to obtain a visa suitable for your situation.