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Immigrate to Singapore from Canada

Immigrate to Singapore from Canada

In most cases, foreigners must obtain a visa in order to move to Singapore. However, visa exemptions do apply, in the case of short-term visits. A short-term visit is defined as a stay of maximum 30 days or 90 days, depending on the nationality of the foreigner. 

In the case of those who will immigrate to Singapore from Canada, visa exemptions are available, but just in specific situations. You can find out more on this topic from our lawyer in Singapore

What are the immigration policies for short visits in Singapore? 

The immigration policies applied by the Singaporean authorities regarding short visits state that Canadian citizens do not have to obtain a visa. In the case of Canadian nationals, a short visit is defined as a stay in this country of maximum 30 days. 

For other nationals, such as the European Union citizens, a short-term stay is extended to 90 days. 

In order to immigrate to Singapore from Canada on a short-term basis, Canadian nationals must complete an online registration, through which they will be issued with the Singapore Electronic Arrival Card.

This document acts as visa without having to go through the regular immigration formalities. It is compulsory for all Canadians to have a valid Electronic Arrival Card when they migrate to Singapore for a period of maximum 30 days. 

How can Canadians obtain the Singapore Electronic Arrival Card? 

Please mind that this document is issued to Canadians as long as the purpose of stay is related to any of 2 following: 1) arriving in Singapore for tourism purposes, 2) arriving for business purposes

In other words, if a Canadian wants to relocate to Singapore for a short visit that has any other purpose, other immigration formalities have to be addresses; for these, you can rely on our team of lawyers in Singapore

When a person will immigrate to Singapore from Canada, the following have to be known: 

  • the Electronic Arrival Card can be processed in 1-2 business days since the date of the application;
  • it is also mandatory to arrive in Singapore in maximum 3 days since the Card was issued; 
  • the Card grants the right to 1 entry in the country for a period of maximum 30 days; 
  • the entry is granted if the Canadian citizen has a valid passport, that is valid for at least 6 months since the entry in Singapore;
  • in some cases, Canadians can obtain an extension of stay for an additional 30 days, according to the Government of Canada.  

What information should be provided to obtain the Electronic Arrival Card? 

Canadians who will immigrate to Singapore from Canada by applying for the Electronic Arrival Card must provide information on 3 main topics: 1) the passport data, 2) information regarding the travel in Singapore, and 3) personal details. 

For the 1st category, applicants must present the passport number and passport expiry date. For the 2nd, it is necessary to present details about the accommodation arrangements, the date of arrival and the means of transportation

For the 3rd, the following are required: 1) the name and surname, 2) the gender, 3) the date of birth, 4) the place of birth, 5) the nationality, 6) telephone number, 7) e-mail address. 

Please mind that additional requirements may also be imposed. They are not related to immigration matters, but rather to health and safety measures. 

For instance, after the Covid-19 pandemic, foreigners must have a full vaccination scheme in order to move to Singaporeeven for short-term stays. This can also apply in the case of those who immigrate to Singapore from Canada

An exemption from this rule is currently applied in the case of children with an age below 13 years old, who do not have to be vaccinated. If you want to find out more regulations concerning long-term procedures to immigrate to Singapore from Canada, please contact our Singapore law firm