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Immigrate to Singapore from Hong Kong

Immigrate to Singapore from Hong Kong

The procedure to immigrate to Singapore from Hong Kong is defined by 2 main matters: 1) the duration of the visit and 2) the type of visa the foreigner needs. Please mind that in certain circumstances, Hong Kong passport holders do not need to apply for a visa in Singapore

For legal advice on the procedure, you can always refer to our lawyers in Singapore, who can present the steps imposed for immigration in this country. 

What is the visa application process in Singapore? 

A foreigner can relocate to Singapore based on the international agreements signed by his or her home country with the authorities of this country. Thus, immigration rules can be influenced by the nationality of the passport holder as well. 

Regardless of the nationality and the visa a foreigner needs, all applications are processed by the Singapore Immigrations and Checkpoints Authority (ICA)

All foreigners, including those who will immigrate to Singapore from Hong Kong, are required to comply with the following steps, regarding the issuance of the visa

  • foreigners can apply by using the online system if they have a contact who is a Singapore permanent resident/citizen and who has a minimum age of 21 years;
  • it is recommended to complete this step 30 days prior to the date of arrival;
  • another way through which one can move to Singapore is by applying for a visa at any authorized visa agent, where specific forms have to be submitted – such as the Form 14A and the Form V39A;
  • it is also necessary to have a passport that is valid for at least 6 months, calculated from the date of arrival;
  • visa applicants must pay a visa processing fee, which is charged at a fixed rate of HK$174. 

Although in most cases all foreigners, including Hong Kong passport holders, must apply for a visa, there are few exemptions from this rule. For instance, one can immigrate to Singapore from Hong Kong without a visa if the duration of the visit of maximum 30 days. 

In this scenario, the person can relocate to Singapore for 30 days for 2 main purposes: 1) arriving for business or 2) arriving for social purposes – such as visiting friends, etc. 

Please mind that the visa exemption is solely addressed to persons who move to Singapore under a valid Hong Kong passport. Persons who do not have a passport can arrive here under a Hong Kong identity document, but visa requirements will be imposed. 

How can local companies hire Hong Kong Passport Holders?

Foreigners who immigrate to Singapore from Hong Kong can also apply for a job in this country. This procedure can be completed following the sectoral regulations imposed in Singapore

Companies hiring foreign workforce must also comply with certain rules. Thus, one can relocate to Singapore for work by taking into consideration numerous matters.

For instance, according to the Ministry of Manpower of Singapore, the services sector can hire employees only from certain countries, Hong Kong included. Basic requirements imposed to employment can refer to:

  1. the country of origin of the future foreign employee;
  2. the yearly quota allowed for a country/per sector;
  3. the age of the applicant, the basic education/expertise imposed for the activity;
  4. the maximum duration of the employment

Because other conditions can also apply, we invite you to address to our law firm in Singapore. For example, for the services industry, the age of a person who will immigrate to Singapore from Hong Kong can be of maximum 50 years old (the minimum is 18). 

Regardless of the nationality, all foreigners can work here only up until the age of 60 years old. Many other rules apply for those who want to immigrate to Singapore from Hong Kong. Considering this, we invite you to contact our law firm in Singapore for further advice.