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Immigrate to Singapore from South Africa

Immigrate to Singapore from South Africa

Although for the majority of foreign citizens who move to Singaporethe law requires them to apply for a visa, regardless of the purpose and the duration of stay, in the case of persons arriving from South Africa, there is an exemption prescribed by the local legislation. 

The visa exemption is applied for those who immigrate to Singapore from South Africa for a short period of time; otherwise, the law also requires them to apply for a visa suitable for the purpose of stay. If you need information on the types of visas issued for long-term stays, our team of lawyers in Singapore remains at your disposal. 

What are the conditions to arrive to Singapore visa-free from South Africa?

First of all, it is necessary to know that if you plan to move in Singapore for a longer period of time, you will have to apply for a visa. A visa exemption is granted only in particular conditions, which will be described in the list below; our law firm in Singapore can provide extensive information on the current immigration procedures

  • the right to immigrate to Singapore from South Africa visa-free is applicable only for South Africans who arrive here for a period of maximum 30 days;
  • according to the Department of International Relations and Cooperation, for South Africans who will decide to stay beyond the 30 days limit, there is the possibility to apply for an extension;
  • the passport holder must have a valid passport – a minimum validity of 6 months is necessary, calculated from the day when the person entered the Singaporean territory;
  • please mind that, starting with January 2021, South Africans who have been traveling elsewhere in the 14 days before the arrival in Singapore are not allowed to relocate to Singapore, as a measure taken in the context of Covid-19;
  • Singapore and South Africa have diplomatic relations starting with 1992, when the two countries set up embassies on each other’s territory (the Singaporean embassy in South Africa is operating in Pretoria). 

What are the requirements for obtaining a long-term visa in Singapore? 

Foreign citizens can become the holders of long-term visas, known as the Long Term Visit Pass (LTVP), if they comply with a large set of basic requirements; they can vary depending on the nature of the visa obtained by the foreigner (for family reunification, work, etc.).  

As a person who will immigrate to Singapore from South Africa, there is the possibility to obtain the LTVP in one of the scenarios presented below; our lawyers in Singapore can present in-depth information on how to apply for this document and the types of papers you have to prepare: 

  • the document is available for those who qualify as the spouse of a Singapore citizen;
  • the same applies for those who immigrate to Singapore from South Africa and who are the spouses of foreigners who have obtained permanent residency in this country;
  • the parents of persons who are Singaporean citizensor permanent residents also qualify;
  • persons who have graduated from tertiary education institutions and who are actively seeking for employment in Singapore;
  • young persons, with an age of maximum 21 years old, who are the children of a couple that is legally married. 

How can one obtain the LTVP for employment purposes in Singapore? 

Since most of the foreigners who relocate to Singapore come here for work related purposes, our Singaporean lawyers will present few of the requirements applicable for the issuance of the LTVP required by those who work in this country. In the case of South Africans who immigrate to Singapore from South Africa, just like for other nationals, the right to LTVP is open as long as the applicant is the holder of an Employment Pass or the S Pass. 

There is also a minimum financial condition that has to be satisfied, as one can become a successful applicant if he or she has a monthly income of at least $6,000, a sum that is calculated solely on the individual’s income, and not the household income, as it can be the case of other visas. 

There is also a sponsorship requirement, and here, the applicant can name his or her employer in Singapore. The advantage of this document is that one can obtain the pass for other family members, such as the following: the spouse (a legal marriage has to be proven, a relationship will not qualify), unmarried children, parents. 

If you want to immigrate to Singapore from South Africa and obtain the LTVP and bring your parents here, please mind that the minimum monthly salary requirement will increase at $12,000. If you want to know more details on other visas, our law firm in Singaporecan assist you and can provide legal representation, through our immigration lawyers