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IT Law in Singapore

IT Law in Singapore

The development of Internet and Technology (IT) field as one of the most effective ways to communicate and conduct businesses have determined governments from around the world to create a legislative framework under which IT services and products can function. Singapore is one of the most representative countries in the world in terms of internet connectivity and mobile devices connected to the InternetForeign investors interested in setting up a company in Singapore which provides on-line services of any kind should know that the main regulatory body in this field is Media Development Authority (MDA)our lawyers in Singapore can provide you with further information on the subject. 

Internet regulations in Singapore 

The internet service and content providers in Singapore are regulated by the Broadcasting Notification; the legislation is stating that a content provider can be any individual or company providing any type of programme on an internet page. According to the laws stated by MDAinternet providers have to restrict webpages which can be considered harmful for the community standards (related to race, religion, national interest or pornography).

Starting with 2nd of February 2015, the Singaporean government has enabled a new legislation for unauthorized websites related to gambling activities; as such, under the Remote Gambling Act, the Singaporean authorities can block the access to gambling websites that do not respect the provisions of the Act

Class licenses in Singapore 

The Singaporean legislation has imposed several class licenses for individuals or companies owning a website in Singapore. As such, the following broadcasting services are required to receive a license:

• audiotext services;

• videotext services;

• teletext services;

• broadcast services;

• VAN (value added network) computer on-line services, provided by a private network;

• general computer on-line services, offered by the internet service providers or content providers

In order to broadcast a certain on-line service, the company or individual owning a webpage must receive an approval to conduct a specified activity, respecting the MDA provisions

If you need further information on the internet legislation in Singapore, please contact our team of lawyers