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Legal Services in Singapore

Legal Services in Singapore

Singapore in one of the most developed city-states in Southeast Asia and many foreign investors in European but Western countries, such as the United States, are interested in opening companies here. However, it is important to know that not only does the city have its specific law on company incorporation, but it also has a unique Asian business culture. Our law firm in Singapore will provide all legal services when starting a company and choosing the most appropriate vehicle to run your business. Our Singapore lawyers are completed by an accounting team that will support investors with the accounting matters of their companies.

Company registration in Singapore

Among the legal services provided by our Singapore law firm company registration is among the most important. The legal assistance offered by our legal team comprises business consulting regarding all types of companies that can be registered and their specific requirements, drafting the incorporation documents and filing them with the Singapore Companies Registrar. Our lawyers in Singapore will also offer clients relevant information about the most flourishing investment industries in the city and incentives they can benefit from. Our lawyers in Singapore will also obtain the necessary business permits required when opening a company.

Accounting services in Singapore

As mentioned above, our Singapore lawyers collaborate with accountants in order to provide clients complete business solutions. Our accounting team will provide clients with information about the Singapore taxation system, the filing of their annual financial statements and will also offer tax minimization services on request. Moreover, our accounting team will handle the tax registration procedure with the Inland Revenue Authority in Singapore (IRAS) and will also handle the company’s bookkeeping if required.

What other legal services are available in Singapore?

Our attorneys in Singapore will also provide legal services in civil matters if necessary and can also conduct insolvency procedures. Foreign citizens or companies interested in buying real estate in Singapore will also benefit from counseling and real estate due diligence, if so requested. The legal services provided by our Singapore law firm also include property registration with the Land Register. Our lawyers in Singapore are also prepared in conducting debt collection procedures.

Legal assistance for foreign citizens offer by our lawyers in Singapore

Foreigners deciding to immigrate to Singapore can request the services of our attorneys who can help them with the paperwork related to obtaining an employment pass or a residence visa. They can also benefit from assistance with respect to the employment legislation in order to know what their rights are. Our Singapore lawyers can also help foreign citizens to rent a place if buying a property is not an option for them.

Please mind that the law on immigration to Singaporecan impose different immigration rules depending on the nationality of the person arriving here. Thus, there can be distinctions even in the case of a visitor visa. 

For some nationalities, the visa can be obtained as an electronic document, while for others, the regular visa application process will still apply. 

If you want to start the process of relocating in this country, you can address to our immigration lawyers in Singapore, where you can receive professional assistance on any immigration matter. 

The services of our lawyers include assistance on the issuance of a visa, helping other family members obtain suitable visas for their situation, applying for citizenship, etc. 

Assistance in litigation cases

With a vast experience, our Singapore attorneys offer legal aid for personal injury claim in Singapore and in the following corporate litigation matters:

  • –       commercial disputes;
  • –       employment disputes;
  • –       merger and acquisition litigation;
  • –       commercial real estate disputes.

Foreign citizens can also appeal to the services provided by our legal staff in order to resolve disputes related to divorce, child custody, division of assets or real estate. You can also rely on us for Singapore PR application

A foreigner can obtain a residence permit in Singapore issued on a permanent basis by applying through the online service of Immigration and Checkpoints Authority. For most scenarios, applicants must use this service. 

However, foreign investors can apply through the Singapore Economic Development Board. The application for residency imposes the payment of a small fee, of $100. 

Our lawyers in Singapore provide customized business solutions and you can contact our law firm to request information about all legal services available. You are also invited to contact our law firm for legal advice and representation on immigration in Singapore