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Legislation for Importing Controlled Goods into Singapore

Legislation for Importing Controlled Goods into Singapore

Despite its size as a country, Singapore is one of the largest importers and exporters in Southeast Asia, which is why foreign investors are very interested in setting up trading companies here. Whether they want to import or export products, they are subject to various regulations. Among these, one must verify the goods they are trading. The following categories of products are regulated by the Singapore legislation related to imports and exports:

  • –          non-controlled products;
  • –          controlled products;
  • –          prohibited products.

The law contains specific provisions for importing controlled goods into Singapore. Our attorneys in Singapore can offer information about the laws related to imports and exports.

Which are the controlled goods that can be imported into Singapore?

The legislation provides for the following controlled products a Singapore company can import:

  • –          animals and animal meat;
  • –          birds;
  • –          vegetables;
  • –          fruits;
  • –          seafood;
  • –          fish;
  • –          medicines;
  • –          guns;
  • –          toys;
  • –          telecommunication equipment.

A company must obtain authorization from the relevant authorities when importing any of the controlled products above in Singapore.

How to import controlled products into Singapore

The import and export legislation requires Singapore companies to register with the Customs Authorities in order to be allowed to bring controlled goods. A trading company must:

  • –          register for VAT;
  • –          obtain a Unique Identification Number (UEN);
  • –          open an inter-bank GIRO account.

The company must also apply for an IN permit, which is a special license providing for the import of controlled goods into Singapore. You can also verify with a law firm in Singapore the requirements for opening a trading company in the city-state.

Documents required to import controlled goods into Singapore

The legislation provides for the following set of documents to be presented by a company when importing controlled goods into Singapore:

  • –          the invoice;
  • –          the product list;
  • –          the landing bill, if the goods have been brought by plane.

The company must also present an import license related to the products intended for sale in Singapore.

For complete information on the legal requirements to import controlled goods into the city-state, do not hesitate to contact our lawyers in Singapore.