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Listing on the Stock Exchange in Singapore

Listing on the Stock Exchange in Singapore

Private companies in Singapore are allowed to list their shares on the Stock ExchangeListing on the Stock Exchange in Singapore (SGX) can be voluntary or involuntary. While voluntary floating happens when the company’s shareholders decide to list their shares through an initial public offering (IPO), the involuntary floating happens once the company has developed a lot and it no longer satisfies the criteria to be a private entity. One of these criteria is reaching a number of more than 50 shareholders.

Our lawyers in Singapore can provide with more information about the involuntary listing on the SGX.

Requirements to list a company on the Singapore Stock Exchange

In the case of voluntary listingsSingapore companies must fulfill certain conditions. These conditions depend on whether the entity wants to trade its shares on the mainboard of the SGX or on secondary markets. In order to make an IPO, the Singapore company must:

  • –          have cumulative profits worth at least 7.5 million SGD for the last three years;
  • –          a minimum profit of 1 million SGD for each of the three years.

Companies incorporated for less than three years must have cumulative profits of at least 10 million SGD. Also, all companies no matter their year of registration must have carried out the same operations under the same management team for the whole period.

Considering additional conditions regarding the management of the company are required, you can refer to our Singapore lawyers for complete information about the SGX floating criteria.

Floating regulations for Singapore companies

Companies wanting to list their shares on the mainboard of the Singapore Stock Exchange must abide by the following rules:

  • –          if the IPO is below 75 million SGD, the company must trade 40% of the shares or 15 million SGD, whichever is lower with an allotment value of 0.8% of the invitation;
  • –          if the IPO ranges between 75 and 120 million SGD, the company must list at 20% of the shares with an allotment value of 0.4% of the invitation.

Companies wanting to float their shares on the secondary market of the SGX, must list at least 15% of them to a minimum number of 200 shareholders.

Recently, the SGX proposed changes to the listing requirements, which is why for complete information about floating conditions we invite you to contact our law firm in Singapore.