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Litigation Attorneys in Singapore

Singapore’s legal system is based on the English common law. Singapore has a Supreme Court that is made up of the Court of Appeal and the High Court, but it also has subordinate courts. In 1970 Singapore abolished the jury system, which is why nowadays the judge rules in all types of courts. In this article, our litigation attorneys in Singapore make a brief overview of the subject. 

The Singapore court system

The Singapore Court of Appeal rules in both civil and criminal appeals coming from the High Court and subordinate courts. The Singapore Court of Appeal became the highest court in 1994 when the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council in London was dismissed.

The Singapore High Court acts as an appellate body in both civil and criminal litigation, but also rules in admiralty, arbitration and intellectual property cases.  The District Court and the Magistrate’s Court are the two Singapore subordinate courts that rule in civil, commercial and criminal matters.

However, subordinate courts have limited monetary jurisdictions of maximum 60,000 S$ in a civil case and 250,000 S$ in criminal and commercial litigationSingapore courts are famous for the high rate of litigation cases resolved within at least 18 months from filing. If you need legal advice on other matters, such as on permanent residence in Singapore, you can rely on our lawyers. 

You can receive a residency permit in Singapore that is issued on a permanent basis if you arrive here for the purpose of starting a business or investing in the local economy, but also if you want to work in this country. 

The residency permit can also be obtained by your family members, in the case you relocate here for investment purposes. The application, for both the investor and his or her family members, can be done online. 

The video below presents the legal services offered by out litigation attorneys in Singapore:

Our law firm in Singapore offers legal consultancy in both civil and commercial litigation cases.

Arbitration in Singapore

Singapore is a renowned arbitration center, both in Asia and worldwide. Arbitration in Singapore is divided into two legal regimes, one for domestic arbitration cases that fall under the Arbitration Act and international arbitrations that fall under the International Arbitration Act (IAA).

The International Arbitration Act is based on the New York Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards and it was mainly designed for international commercial arbitration cases.

The Singapore government has abolished work permit requirements and the taxation of foreign arbitrators choosing the city-state as an arbitration location in order to promote the city as an international arbitration center.

You can request the legal services of our law firm in Singapore for arbitration cases.

Civil case procedure in Singapore

A person who has a claim (the Plaintiff) can forward a Writ of Summons or an Originating Summons and have it sent to the other part (the Defendant). If the Defendant does not enter into a dispute with the Plaintiff, he or she can contact the Plaintiff or a Singapore law firm to solve the claim immediately. If choosing to do so, both parts suffer less legal fees.

If you need legal services in another country, such as Georgia, we can put you in touch with our local partners. 

How resolution disputes for businesses are solved in Singapore

Before appearing in front of a Court, an important aspect to consider is the fact that this might be time consuming and expensive. There are numerous business disputes in Singapore which are solved out of the court system, through the Mediation and Arbitration Process. Other courts can handle family law cases, situation in which you can address to a divorce lawyer in Singapore

If, however, these are not an option, generally, business disputes are heard in Civil Courts in the city-state. Depending on the type and amount of the claim, they can approach the High Court, the District Court, the Magistrate’s Court or the Small Claims Tribunal. Litigation cases can also appear from wills and inheritance laws

Other more specialized Courts are represented by the Labor Court and the Copyright Tribunal. Please mind that local courts can also handle cases related to immigration to Singapore

Immigration to Singapore refers to all the legal aspects through which a foreigner can relocate in this country, live permanently here or becoming a citizen. It also prescribes the obligations that foreigners must maintain throughout their specific immigration status. 

For instance, male permanent residents are legally required to list in the military service and only few exemptions can be granted in this particular case. 

You are invited to contact our immigration lawyers in Singapore in case you want to relocate here. You can find out all the necessary information concerning the procedures you must follow from our team. 

Of course, you can also receive professional assistance when you will sign a rental contract for a local property or for the procedures imposed when you want to enroll your children into local schools. 

The Integrated Electronic Litigation System (iELS) in Singapore

Starting 1997 an Electronic Filing System (EFS) was enabled for Singapore lawyers to use when submitting court documents. The EFS is operated by the court system and has a 24/7 timetable. In 2013, the EFS was replaced by the Integrated Electronic Litigation System also known as eLitigation.

Among the services provided by the iELS, there are the information-based filing of court actions that allows documents to be submitted in XML format, a litigation process management system that makes sure deadlines are respected, an electronic case file for lawyers in Singapore and even a calendar of the courts.

Our litigation services in Singapore

Founded many years ago, our team of lawyers in Singapore offers litigation services for numerous individuals and businesses. We have a thorough experience in dispute resolution with different areas of the law in Singapore and at all Courts. Our litigation services in Singapore include:

• Arbitration and mediation;

• Copyright and trademark disputes;

Land and property disputes;

• Tax disputes;

• Building and construction disputes;

Commercial and Financial dispute resolution;

• Company law;

Employment disputes;

• Other types of resolutions and disputes. 

For detailed information about the legal system in the city-state, or if you need representation in solving a dispute for your business here, please contact our litigation attorneys in Singapore. If you need legal services in other countries, such as New Zealand, we can put you in touch with our local partners.