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Obtain a Work Permit in Singapore

Obtain a Work Permit in Singapore

Employment passes in Singapore

Foreign citizens coming to work in Singapore are required to apply for a work permit. During the last years Singapore has become an appealing destination for foreign in investors which also triggered the arrival of many foreign citizens to work here.

In order to keep up with the business community’s requirements, the Singapore Government started creating various employment pass schemes in order to welcome specialized workforce. Please mind that employees have rights in the case in which they were the victims of personal injury during the work shift. The current employment passes foreigners may apply for when coming to Singapore are:

  • – the simple work permit,
  • – the employment pass for entrepreneurs,
  • – the personalized employment pass,
  • – the S work permit.

Applying for a work permit in Singapore

The most common types of work permits are the employment pass and the S pass. While the S pass is dedicated to middle-level foreign workers, the employment pass must be obtained by a Singapore company on behalf of the foreign employees it means to bring aboard. However, there are certain requirements for both types of work permits. In order to qualify for the Singapore employment pass, a foreign citizen must:

  • – have assured a monthly salary over 3,300 SGD,
  • – have an university degree.

In order to apply for a S work permit, a foreign citizen must:

  • – have a monthly minimum salary of 2,200 SGD,
  • – must have a technical diploma and background.

Both types of work permits have 1 to 2 years validity period and allow the applicant to apply for a Singapore residence permits.

Applying for a personalized work permit in Singapore

The personalized employment pass is available for foreign citizens who are not required to work for a specific Singapore companyPersonalized work permit holders may switch jobs once arrived in the country, but may not start their own company in Singapore. There are also stricter requirements to fulfill when applying for a personalized work permit in Singapore. One of them refers to the fact that the applicant must be a highly-skilled professional. The personalized work pass has a 3-years validity period and cannot be renewed. However, the holder may apply residency in Singapore based on this type of work permit.

For details about the documents required to obtain a work pass, please contact our law firm in Singapore.