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Purchasing a Domain Name in Singapore

Purchasing a Domain Name in Singapore

Singapore’s Internet top-level domain

Singapore’s Internet country code top-level domain is .sg. Singapore has also other domain names called second-level domains which are usually intended for certain types of activities. The Singapore Network Information Centre is in charge with the administration of the top-level domain and the second-level ones. Domain registration in Singapore is done through accredited registrars. Our lawyers in Singapore can provide you with information about the Internet legislation.

Registration of second-level domain names in Singapore

The .sg domain has eight extensions, also known as second-level domain names, which were enabled to better distinguish different activities. These are:

  • –          the com.sg domain which is dedicated to commercial entities such as Singapore companies,
  • –          the org.sg  domain for different organizations, such as embassies of foreign countries in Singapore,
  • –          the edu.sg domain which is dedicated to educational institutions,
  • –          the gov.sg domain for governmental agencies only,
  • –          the net.sg domain for Internet service providers,
  • –          the per.sg domain which is dedicated to natural persons wanting to have their own personal websites.

The other two extensions are in Chinese and Tamil. Foreign companies or citizens wanting to purchase register a domain name in Singapore are required to appoint a local agent. Our Singapore lawyers can help you with this procedure.

Registering a domain name in Singapore

Singapore residents or companies wanting to register a domain name are required to follow the guidelines issued by the Singapore Network Information Centre. These guidelines establish that a .sg domain name must contain minimum one character and maximum 63 without including the .sg suffix. The characters may be Latin or non-Latin. The following characters can be used when registering a domain name in Singapore:

  • –          all alphabetical letter from a to z,
  • –          all numbers from 0 to 9,
  • –          the hyphen provided that it is not situated at the beginning or end of the domain name, or in the third and fourth position.

All domain name registration applications must be submitted online with the Singapore Network Information Centre and once the domain name is registered it can be used for one or two year before it expires. The domain name can be kept provided that a renewal fee is paid.

For more information about the domain name registration procedure you can contact our law firm in Singapore.