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Register a Free Zone Company in Singapore

Register a Free Zone Company in Singapore

As most Asian countries, Singapore too has several free economic zones in which local and foreign companies can operate. Moreover, Singapore has a great infrastructure when it comes to trading companies in need of transporting and storing the goods they bring or take out of the country. Foreign investors are also welcomed to open various types of companies in Singapore, however when it comes to starting a trading business, the free zone company is one of the best choices.

Our lawyers in Singapore can offer more information on the Free Zones Act which also provides for the opening of free zone companies in the city-state.

You can also watch the video below for information on how to set up a Singapore free zone company:

Requirements to set up a Singapore free zone company

Singapore is home to nine free zones, which is an impressive number for such a small country and each free zone offers tailored services and facilities to free zone companies established here. In order to create a company in a Singapore free zone, an investor must prepare the following:

  • –          the incorporation documents;
  • –          the name of the company which must be reserved with the Trade Register;
  • –          the owner’s passport or ID;
  • –          the minimum capital which will depend on the activities carried out by the company.

When it comes to the share capital, a free zone company in Singapore must:

  • –          deposit 100,000 SGD for renting a storage space in the respective free zone;
  • –          deposit 50,000 SGD if will only have its office in the free zone.

The whole capital must be deposited in the corporate bank account within the first year of activity of the Singapore free zone company.

Our law firm in Singapore can assist with the registration process of the free zone company.

Incorporating a free zone company in Singapore

Once the statutory documents are created, they must be submitted with the Singapore Companies Registrar as the company formation process is the same as for any other type of business. Considering most free zone companies are involved in trading activities, they will be required to register with the Customs Authority and obtain import and export licenses. It must be taken into account that other special licenses are required depending on the products to be imported or exported.

The main difference between a Singapore company and a free zone company is the fact that the free zone business is not imposed the goods and services tax for importing and storing the products in the free zone. Other tax facilities are also available for free zone companies carrying out trading activities in Singapore.

For assistance in starting a free zone company in the city-state, please contact our attorneys in Singapore.