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Resolve Commercial Disputes in Singapore

Resolve Commercial Disputes in Singapore

Alternative dispute resolution in Singapore

During the last few years, Singapore has established itself as an internationally recognized alternative dispute resolution (ADR) center following the examples of UK and Hong Kong. The impartiality and integrity promoted by Singapore have placed it among the forums of choice, especially when it comes to the resolution of commercial disputes. Among the most employed procedures for settling commercial conflictsarbitration and mediation have surpassed court proceedings in the last few years.

Our lawyers in Singapore can assist in you in both mediation and arbitration procedures.

Settling commercial litigation through the Singapore Mediation Center

Mediation is currently the most employed method of resolving commercial disputes in Singapore, as the Government has worked a lot towards its development. The Mediation Center in Singapore is the main dispute resolution center in the city-state. When it comes to commercial litigation, the following matters can be settled by the Singapore Mediation Center:

  • –          banking litigation;
  • –          construction litigation;
  • –          healthcare disputes;
  • –          employment disputes;
  • –          IT&C litigation;
  • –          insurance disputes;
  • –          tenancy litigation;
  • –          partnership disputes;
  • –          shipping litigation.

The Singapore Mediation Center has also set in place different schemes under which commercial litigation can be resolved. For complete information about the resolution of commercial disputes, you may refer to our law firm in Singapore.

The Singapore International Commercial Court

Foreign companies seeking commercial litigation resolution can appeal to the International Commercial Court in Singapore (SICC) which is presently one of the most prestigious courts in the world when it comes to the resolution of business-related issues. The SICC is specialized in providing companies with solutions in settling disputes related to commercial transactions and it works in close collaboration with the Singapore International Arbitration Center (SIAC).

Assistance in commercial litigation from Singapore attorneys

Our lawyers in Singapore are specialized in settling business litigation cases among which:

  • – disputes related debt collection procedures;
  • – litgation involving contractual clauses;
  • – disputes related to commercial real estate.

For more information about all the methods available for commercial disputes settlement, but also for legal assistance in such matters, do not hesitate to contact our Singapore lawyers.