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Set Up an IT Company in Singapore

Set Up an IT Company in Singapore

Singapore is currently one of the most developed countries in Southeast Asia and in the world in terms of communications infrastructure. This development has brought an influx of foreign direct investment in the information technology (IT) sector in Singapore.

Foreign investors interested in starting a business in the IT sector in Singapore must comply with various laws. Our Singapore lawyers can guide enterprisers through the process of setting up an IT company in the city-state.

Laws related to opening an IT company in Singapore

Foreign investors who open IT companies in Singapore must comply with several laws which were designed by the government with the purpose of removing uncertainties related to an ever-evolving industry. The main laws covering the Singapore IT sector are:

  • –          the Computer Misuse Law;
  • –          the Copyright Law;
  • –          the Broadcasting Act;
  • –          the Class License Conditions;
  • –          the Internet Code of Practice.

You can obtain complete information on these laws from our law firm in Singapore.

Registering an IT company in Singapore

The Company Law is the main act providing for the registration procedure of a Singapore company which also applies to IT businesses. Foreign enterprisers are required to appoint local services agents or lawyers in Singapore to carry out this process. These will handle the preparation of the documents which must be filed with the Trade Registrar, can help the owner select the right business name for their company and register the IT company for taxation, GST and employment purposes.

Licenses for IT companies in Singapore

Singapore IT companies may offer a large variety of services or may carry out different types of activities, however they are all required to obtain a broadcasting license which is issued based on classification attributed by the Infocomm and Media Development AuthorityIT companies will be issued one or more of the following types of special licenses:

  • –          audiotext service provider permit;
  • –          facilities-based operator license;
  • –          services-based operator permit;
  • –          Internet content provider license;
  • –          localized and non-localized service reseller license.

  For full information on the licenses related to opening an IT company in Singapore, please contact us. Our attorneys in Singapore can also help you with the company registration procedure.