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Sports Law in Singapore

Sports Law in Singapore

Sport regulations in Singapore

In Singapore, sport is regulated at different levels and by different authorities. One of the authorities involved in regulating sport activities in Singapore is the referee or umpire. However, there are also international laws and organizations establishing sport regulation in Singapore. At participation level, the referee or umpire is the governing body regulating sport activities in Singapore. The referee will regulate the activity on the playing field.

Sporting tribunals in Singapore

Most sports must abide by certain rules and procedures. The governing body will usually establish the rules applied in a sports competition in Singapore. However, there have been situations in which tribunals, juries or boards have been convened to try a breach of rules or to settle disputes between parties or to try a referee’s decision. The Singapore Amateur Athletics Association (SAAA) is the first court ruling in sports matters. If the matter is not settled by the SAAA, the plaintiff may take the case to the Court of Appeal in Singapore.

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What are the governing bodies regulating sport activities in Singapore?

In Singapore, the Sports Law falls under the regulations of the following regulatory bodies:

  • – the Singapore Sports Council,
  • – the Ministry of Community Development and Sports,
  • – the Singapore National Olympic Council.

The Singapore Sports Council (SSC) was established in 1973 following the merger with the National Stadium Corporation. The Sports Council was established based on the Sports Council Act as a corporate body in Singapore. The main objective of the SSC is to promote the citizens’ participation in sports, to promote sports as a healthy way of living, and to promote excellency in sports.

The Ministry of Community Development and Sports in Singapore was launched in 1993 and its main objective was to recommend initiatives for the development of sport activities in Singapore. In 2002, the Ministry together with the Committee on Sporting Singapore released the Code of Governance for National Sports Associations. The Code of Governance main role was to enhance the financial and management conduct of the National Sports Association. Please mind that for a personal injury claim in Singapore resulted from a sport event our lawyer can offer legal representation. 

The Singapore National Olympic Council is the oldest regulatory body for sports legislation and was formed in 1947. The main role of the Singapore National Olympic Council is to promote amateur sports, to select teams that will participate in International Olympic Competitions.

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