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Start a Travel Agency in Singapore

Start a Travel Agency in Singapore

Singapore is an attractive destination for both tourists and businessmen, therefore is an ideal location for setting up a travel agency. With numerous hotels, restaurants and many other attractions which can be seen all year long, opening a travel agency or a tour operator in Singapore can be a good investment opportunity.

In order to open a travel agency in Singapore, one must comply with various regulations. These regulations are mainly imposed by the Travel Agent’s Act which set out the requirement for starting this type of business in Singapore. Our lawyers in Singapore can offer information on the legislation related to the tourism industry in the city-state.

The Singapore Travel Agent’s Law

The Travel Agent’s Act is comprised in the Singapore Civil Law under the name of Chapter 334. According to this law, those who want to start a travel agency in Singapore must apply for a travel agent license which is defined as an individual or company which:

  • –          sells travel tickets;
  • –          intermediates the travel and accommodation of tourists;
  • –          resells travel tickets;
  • –          organizes and carries tours in or outside Singapore;
  • –          advertises him or herself as a travel agent or agency.

Before applying for a travel agent license, one must select and register a company in Singapore. Our law firm in Singapore can support you with the company registration procedure.

Requirements to open a Singapore travel agency

In order to create a travel agency in Singapore one needs to choose a type of structure and register it with the Trade Register. The minimum share capital to set up a travel agency in Singapore is 100,000 SGD. Also, the codes for tour operators in Singapore are 78211 for travel agencies and 78212 for ticketing agents. These must be mentioned when the travel agency is incorporated. The agency must also have an email address used for business purposes.

The travel agent license in Singapore

The application for a travel agent license must be filed with the Travel Related Users’ System, also known as TRUST. The travel agent license has a two-year validity period and once obtained, the Singapore travel agency is entered into the Travel Agent Directory.

For assistance in setting up a travel agency in the Lion City, do not hesitate to contact our Singapore lawyers.