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Tenant Eviction in Singapore

Tenant Eviction in Singapore

The real estate industry is currently one of the most prolific industries in Singapore with many foreign investors purchasing properties with the purpose of renting them. The real estate rental sector brings significant incomes to those who buy properties in residential areas of the city-state, however when there are a few rules which must be respected by both the landlord and the tenant upon the lease of a property in Singapore.

Failing to respect these rules will most of the times lead to problems followed by disputes between the landlord and the tenant which could result in the eviction of the tenant. Our lawyers in Singapore can offer more information on the tenant eviction rules applicable in the city-state.

Disputes between tenants and landlords in Singapore

The relation between the owner of a property in Singapore and the party renting the house or apartment is regulated by a lease contract. Most of the times, if the tenant does not respect the terms of the contract could lead to their eviction from the premises. Another common reason for tenant eviction in Singapore is failing to pay the rent.

It should be noted that the tenant also has rights, therefore the landlord cannot simply evict them without a good and real reason. Also, the property owner must give a notice period to the tenant before asking them to leave the Singapore house or apartment.

Our Singapore lawyers can assist in drafting tenancy agreements related to renting properties in the city-state.

How to evict a tenant from a property in Singapore

If the landlord has respected all the terms of the lease contract but has had disputes with a problematic tenant, the former has the right to begin the tenant eviction process. The first step for tenant eviction in Singapore is to give the tenant a notice which will serve as an official document for leaving the premises. The notice must contain specific information on the reason of the eviction.

If the tenant owes money to the landlord and leaves without paying the amount, the latter may file a complaint with the Small Claims Tribunal in Singapore. In the worst case where the problem with the tenant is very serious, the landlord can hire a law firm in Singapore to handle the tenant eviction procedure.

For full information on how to resolve real estate disputes, including those related to tenant eviction in Singapore, please contact us.