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Verification of a Company in Singapore

Verification of a Company in Singapore

Foreign investors doing business with Singapore companies are usually interested in finding out more information related to those going into business with. This is why company verification has become an important step before concluding a contract or starting a new project in Singapore. Foreign entrepreneurs have several ways of verifying a company among which due diligence procedures or inquires with the Singapore Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). An extensive search on the company in question can also be conducted by a law firm in Singapore.

You can also watch in the video below the main ways to verify a Singapore company:

Verifying a Singapore company with ACRA

The Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority in Singapore is the correspondent of Trade Registers in European countries which is why company verification should start here. Among the information one can find out about a Singapore company from ACRA is:

  • –          details about the shareholders,
  • –          details about the company’s financial status,
  • –          information about any encumbrances,
  • –          information about bankruptcy or insolvency proceedings.

One can verify a company with ACRA by submitting an online query. Our lawyers in Singapore can provide you with details about company verification with ACRA.

Company due diligence in Singapore

The second most employed way of verifying a company in Singapore is due diligence. The advantages of company due diligence are that it will be conducted by specialists and it can focus on a certain aspect. One can ask for financial, commercial or legal due diligence verifications on Singapore companies.

Legal services for company verification in Singapore

Among the legal services provided by our Singapore lawyers are also company verification procedures. It is advisable to request company verification services in order to avoid complications and to reduce the time spent searching for information about a company in Singapore. Our attorneys in Singapore can conduct an extensive search on the company based on your request and the information you need. Moreover, they can also help you understand the legislation related to doing business in Singapore and will offer you the legal support you need in opening a company in the city-state.

Do not hesitate to contact us for tailored business solutions and company verification services.