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Virtual Office in Singapore

Virtual Office in Singapore

The Singapore virtual office

With a virtual office established in Singapore, clients will significantly reduce the cost of a traditional office. Considering today’s fast-moving business environment our Singapore lawyers will help clients concentrate on their business while they will administer the virtual office. Our company formation and virtual office services are available for both local and foreign investors wanting to have a presence in Singapore.

For complete details about the services provided in Singapore virtual offices you can contact our law firm in Singapore.

Please watch the video below for more information on Singapore virtual offices:

Virtual office services in Singapore

Our Singapore lawyers will start the set up process of our clients’ virtual office by registering a business address in a business center of their choosing. Together with the virtual office we also offer various communication and space services among which:

  • – local phone numbers with answering, voicemail and call redirection services included,
  • – fax numbers,
  • – mail collection and forwarding services,
  • – meeting rooms.

We can take messages from clients and customers and forward them to at the specified address or phone number. We can also store and convert voice messages into e-mails for easier communication. When setting up a virtual office, clients can choose the business center they find most appropriate. All Singapore virtual offices are equipped with the latest technology equipment and high internet speed connection in order to facilitate calls and conferences.  We will also collect our client’s bank statements and forward them wherever desired.

Investors also have the possibility to start a business through a subsidiary or they can register a branch in Singapore

What are the advantages of Singapore virtual offices?

One of the greatest advantages of establishing a virtual office in Singapore is the flexibility of choosing a renowned business center and not having to hire any personnel, as our specialized company will handle business related matters. Compared to a costly classic office in a downtown business center, clients will reduce costs with the maintenance of the virtual office. Clients not wanting to register a company in Singapore can use the virtual office as a contact point between them and clients or business partners.

For detailed information and prices please ask our Singapore law firm for a customized offer.

If you want to set up a business here and you need an office space (as a virtual office or a regular office location), you can rely on our team. 

Provided that you will arrive here for a longer period of time, you will need to apply for a residency permit in Singapore, and our law firm can present the legal requirements you should respect in order to receive this document.