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Visa Legislation in Singapore

Visa Legislation in Singapore

Visa regulations in Singapore

The Singapore Government has enabled specific regulation for all foreign citizens travelling to the country. The Singapore visa legislation applies depending on the applicant residence country. However, citizens of certain countries such as the United States, Switzerland and European Union member states that have no visa restrictions. Citizens of these countries may stay in Singapore for 90 days without applying for a certain type of visa. In all other cases, the foreign citizen coming to the country must apply for a short-stay visa, a Singapore employment or residence pass.

The Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs has enabled a two-tier Assessment Level Countries system which allows citizens of certain countries to apply for a visa under certain circumstances. For information about the Assessment Level Countries system you ask our lawyers in Singapore.

Visa requirements for foreign citizens in Singapore

Foreign citizens coming to Singapore no matter their purpose are required to respect the following requirements:

  • –          have a valid passport,
  • –          to have a return flight ticket, if applicable,
  • –          to have a hotel reservation,
  • –          to have sufficient fund for the duration of the stay in Singapore.

Foreign citizens travelling to the country for business purposes, such as opening a company in Singapore, are required to submit additional documents. You can verify these requirements with our law firm in Singapore.

Types of visas in Singapore

Unless coming to live or work in Singapore, foreign citizens can apply for two types of visas:

  • –          social visa,
  • –          a transit visa.

The Singapore social visa is granted to foreign citizens coming to visit or meet family and friends living in the country, while the transit visa is required only for those transiting the country. The documents required to obtain one of the two types of Singapore visas are:

  • –          a special application form,
  • –          a valid passport,
  • –          a recent passport-size photo,
  • –          copy after the flight manifest.

The applicant is also required to pay a visa application fee. Those coming for longer period of times are required to report to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority in Singapore in order to obtain their passes. Visa exemptions can also be granted, for instance in the case of those who relocate to Singapore from US on a short-term basis. 

If you need help in obtaining a visa, please contact our Singapore lawyers.