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The Personalized Employment Pass in Singapore

The Personalized Employment Pass in Singapore

Foreign citizens seeking to move to Singapore can do so by applying for an entrepreneur visa or for an employment pass. If the enterpriser visa is available for those interested in starting a business in Singapore, the work permit is available relocating to the city-state for employment purposes. Moreover, the Ministry of Manpower in the Lion City has enabled various type of work visas for foreign citizens, one of the most appreciated being the Singapore personalized employment pass (PEP).

Our Singapore lawyers can explain how to apply for a personalized employment permit. They can also help those interested in opening a company in Singapore.

Please watch the video below for more information on the Singapore personalized employment pass:

Who can apply for a personalized employment pass for Singapore?

The Employment Law contains special provisions on the conditions related to obtaining a Singapore PEP. The Ministry of Manpower also established a set of regulations which helps Singapore companies hiring specialized personnel through the PEP program.

The following categories of individuals may apply for a personalized employment pass in Singapore:

  • –          foreign skilled individuals;
  • –          current holders of Singapore employment permits.

The eligibility criteria for the Singapore personalized work permit implies:

  • –          in the case of those with a valid work permit, the minimum salary must be 12,000 SGD per month;
  • –          in the case of foreign citizens coming to work in Singapore, the salary offer must be of at least 18,000 SGD per month;
  • –          the minimum annual wage must be 144,000 SGD.

A particularity about the Singapore personalized work permit is that it can only be obtained for a 3-year period and is not renewable. Also, compared to other types of work permits where the company must apply on behalf of the employee, the candidate can apply directly for the PEP in Singapore.

Our law firm in Singapore can offer more information on the requirements related to obtaining a PEP.

Documents related to the Singapore personalized employment permit

Foreign and local employees applying for a Singapore PEP must prepare and file the following documents with the Ministry of Manpower:

  • –          a copy after the passport;
  • –          information about the studies (diplomas, graduation certificates);
  • –          a resume;
  • –          copies after the work contract;
  • –          an appointment letter issued by the employer;
  • –          copy of the payslips for the last 3 months.

Additional information about the employer will be requested in the case of employment visa holders in Singapore.

For full information on how to obtain a personalized employment pass, please feel free to contact us. Our attorneys in Singapore can also assist with starting a business here.