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Data Protection Law in Singapore

Data Protection Law in Singapore

The protection of personal information in Singapore falls under the Personal Data Protection Act which was first enabled in 2012. The law was completed with other amendments in order to be improved over the next two years and this is how by the end of 2014 Singapore had one of the most comprehensive data protection laws in the world. The enforcement of this legislation is overseen by the Personal Data Protection Commission in Singapore. It must be noted that other laws in Singapore contain provisions on the protection of personal data connected to certain areas of activities

Our lawyers in Singapore can offer extensive information on all the laws providing for data protection.

The content of Singapore Protection Act

The Personal Data Protection Law in Singapore is comprised of 9 Schedules which, even if created at the same time, were enabled gradually by the end of 2014. The main purpose of the law was providing for Singapore companies or other organization collecting, using and sharing personal data gathered from individuals. The Act also provided for the creation of the Personal Data Protection Commission and a Do Not Call Registry. The latter was enabled in order to allow Singapore citizens to choose not to receive any marketing materials from companies.

The Personal Data Protection Act in Singapore applies to all companies, associations, governmental agencies and even individuals collecting data. There are also several exceptions from the law, among which employees of Singapore companies for whom gathering data is part of their job. You can verify all the other exceptions with a law firm in Singapore.

What is the data protected by the Singapore law?

Even if the Singapore Data Protection Law provides for the collection of personal information of individuals, the data is considered personal only if it makes any reference to the identification of the individual or if from that information one can find the identity of an individual. These clarifications have been made because  the law also provides for data available for public use.

Exemptions from the Data Protection Act in Singapore apply as it follows:

  • –          the data is gathered for debt collection purposes;
  • –          the data is collected for national security or emergency purposes;
  • –          the data is collected as part of an investigation;
  • –          the data is collected with the purpose of offering legal services.

All organization collecting data in Singapore must notify individuals on their intentions in writing.

For complete information on the Personal Data Protection Law, please feel free to contact our attorneys in Singapore.