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Open a Catering Company in Singapore

Open a Catering Company in Singapore

The food industry is one of the most profitable sectors a Singapore company can operate in. Among the main reasons to open a food business in the city-state are the developed tourism industry, the multitude of foodstuff produced locally, but also the innovation which has reached the food and beverages sector.

Among the most popular types of food businesses foreign investors can open in Singapore are restaurants, takeaways and catering businesses. No matter the type of company one decides to open, the legal requirements are the same.

Our Singapore lawyers can explain the requirements related to starting a catering business in the city-state.

Registration requirements when opening a catering business in Singapore

The first step for setting up a catering company in Singapore is to register a business form with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority in the city-state. One of the advantages of starting a catering company is the fact that it can be set up a small home business and thus the sole proprietorship can be employed as a structure.

Once the company is incorporated with the Trade Register, it must also obtain a tax number and register for the Goods and Services Tax (GST).

Our law firm in Singapore can handle the process for registering a catering business.

Special licenses for catering companies in Singapore

The most important license which must be obtained by a catering company in Singapore is the food shop license. This must be obtained from the National Environment Agency. The food shop license is issued in accordance with the Code of Practice of Environmental Health which means that the perimeter where the food is prepared must have a minimum size and separate areas for storage of food products and ingredients.

Other licenses which can be obtained by a catering business are the liquor license and the halal food establishment license. These are not mandatory.

Other requirements for Singapore catering businesses

Apart from the food license, catering businesses have the same obligations related to the employees handling and cooking the food. These must be have absolved a food hygiene course and have license for this purpose. The catering company must also appoint a food hygiene officer.

If you want to open a catering company and need assistance, please feel free to contact our lawyers in Singapore.