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Open a Cleaning Company in Singapore

Open a Cleaning Company in Singapore

Foreign investors interested in setting up their businesses in Singapore have plenty of less explored industries. Among these landscaping, laundry and even cleaning companies represent niche types of businesses which are suitable for startups and small and medium-sized enterprises which benefit from governmental support.

One of the best examples is opening a Singapore cleaning company for which the National Environment Agency (NEA) has created special licensing requirements based on the size of the business. For the registration process of the cleaning company, investors can rely on our law firm in Singapore.

Registration requirements for a cleaning business in Singapore

The most suitable structures for setting up a cleaning company in Singapore are the sole proprietorship and the limited liability company. No matter the type of company chosen, it must be registered with the Singapore Trade Register.

Following the registration process of the cleaning business, the owner must draft a wage plan for the employees of the company and file it with the NEA. The plan must follow a progressive line and is part of the licensing phase of the Singapore cleaning company.

Special training must also be secured for the employees of the company. At the point of licensing phase, at least 50% of the employees must have completed the course.

Our Singapore lawyers can offer more information on the special requirements related to opening a cleaning business.

Obtaining a cleaning license in Singapore

Once the requirements above are complied with, the Singapore company can apply for the cleaning license with the NEA. The following conditions must be met in order to obtain a cleaning license in Singapore:

  • –          existing companies must have been working in the same field for at least one year prior to the licensing or to have completed the 12-month pre-licensing requirements;
  • –          startups must have at least one employee with 2 years of experience in the cleaning industry or one employee who attended the mandatory training.

The cleaning license issued by the NEA has a 1-year validity period and is renewable.

For full information on the requirements to open a cleaning company and assistance in registering the business, please contact our lawyers in Singapore.