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Resolve Defamation Cases in Singapore

Resolve Defamation Cases in Singapore

Defamation Act in Singapore

Singapore has enabled its first law against defamation in 1957. The Defamation Act, as it is called, was last amended in 2014. The law covers actions like slander, libel and false declarations which could prejudice a person’s image. Also, the Singapore Defamation Law establishes the communication channels through which the conveyance of false information could occur:

  • –          television;
  • –          written press;
  • –          radio.

The legislation also provides for malicious gestures and pictures.

Defamation is punishable in accordance with the provisions of the Singapore Penal Code with respect to this kind of offences. Our lawyers in Singapore can provide you with more information about the provisions of the Defamation Act.

Legal assistance in defamation cases in Singapore

Our attorneys in Singapore offer legal advice on how to handle defamation cases and file a petition with the court of law in these situations. Our law firm can assist with the following:

  • –          libel through written statements;
  • –          slander through spoken declarations;
  • –          damage to one’s reputation;
  • –          breach of privacy;
  • –          harassment;
  • –          libel and slander on the Internet.

It is also important to know that while one is not required to submit evidence in the case of defamation through libel, as proof of the damage exists, in the case of defamation through slander, the plaintiff must prove the actual damage. Our lawyers in Singapore can help clients gather the necessary evidence and submit it with the  courts of justice.

Settlement of defamation cases in Singapore

Defamation cases are usually resolved in court where the judges will award damages based on the nature of the actions and the harm caused by these actions. The court can award general or exemplary damages depending on the gravity of the case. In certain cases, the judge could also order injunctions in order to prevent the publication of any damaging material. The court will consider the following factors when trying a claim for defamation:

  • –          the nature of the libel or slander;
  • –          the opinions of the parties involved;
  • –          the method of publication of the defamatory declarations;
  • –          the behavior of both parties;
  • –          the consequences of the defamation.

For legal assistance in cases of defamation, do not hesitate to contact our Singapore lawyers.