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Start an Educational Learning Center in Singapore in 6 Steps

Start an Educational Learning Center in Singapore in 6 Steps

Education has turned into one of the most successful industries in Singapore as the number of foreign citizens immigrating to the city-state has risen considerably during the last few years. This is one of the main reasons the number of educational learning centers and private schools has increased a lot. The Government also supported the industry by enabling a program which has attracted a large number of investors setting up private companies in the education sector.

The main steps for opening an education center in Singapore are also outlined in the video below:

When setting up an educational learning center in Singapore, there are a few steps to be followed. Below you can find out what the main 6 steps to open an educational center in Singapore are.

The main steps for opening an education center in Singapore are also outlined in the video below:

1.Plan how to start the Singapore education institution

Before starting any business, planning is essential. One must first think about the services will be providing and then make sure they comply with the respective legislation. Our Singapore lawyers can provide you with the necessary information about the laws on education in the city-state.

2.Business incorporation

Once the first step is completed, the next one will be the registration of a company in Singapore. Foreign entrepreneurs can choose between several types of business structures and our lawyers in Singapore can help them with the preparation of the required documentation.

3.Finding a suitable place for a Singapore educational center

Once the company is registered, one will need an adequate place to operate. Depending on the type of services provided, one can rent or purchase real estate property to match the designated activity. You can find out from the Council of Private Education Singapore what the main types of educational institutions are when choosing a location.

4.Hiring employees for the educational learning center in Singapore

An education center requires specialized workforce, which is why the fourth step of the process implies hiring staff. The employees must have certain qualifications related to the services to be supplied.

5.Obtaining accreditations

One of the most important steps when opening a learning center in Singapore is to apply for the necessary licenses and accreditations. Among these are the EduTrust Certification and the Singapore Quality Class Certification.

6.Promoting the Singapore educational learning center

The last step of the process implies promoting the educational center in order to attract customers. Advertising or developing strategic partnerships with other local schools are some of the tools usually employed for promoting this type of company in Singapore.

Considering some private educational centers require registration with the Ministry of Education, we invite you to contact our law firm in Singapore for more information on this matter.