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Intellectual Property Valuation in Singapore

Intellectual Property Valuation in Singapore

Intellectual property has begun to play an important role in companies which is why a great number of businesses in Singapore have started to evaluate their patents or trademarks. The intellectual property valuation process is very important once a small company becomes larger and it reaches larger market shares. When a company becomes easier to be recognized, its value will reside more in the intangible assets it has rather than the tangible one. This is also one of the main reasons, Singapore was one of the first countries in the world to allow companies to apply for loans with intangible assets, specifically IP rights, as collaterals.

Our lawyers in Singapore can offer more information on the legislation on intellectual property rights.

Intellectual property valuation principles in Singapore

Singapore has become an IP hub during the last few years, as the government has strived to offer enhanced protection to trademarks and patents created by local companies. As the number of companies in the research and development has grown, IP valuation has started to be taken into consideration by more and more business owners in Singapore. This is also how the main intellectual property valuation principles have been created in Singapore. These principles are:

  • –          the cost approach principle which measures the costs incurred with the creation of patents;
  • –       the market approach principle which measures how much would other companies pay for similar intellectual property creations of another company;
  • –          the income approach principle which determines the income an IP could generate.

The last IP valuation principle is usually used by foreign companies operating in Singapore and which need to remit income from intellectual property under the form of royalties abroad.

IP valuations services in Singapore

Most of the services for intellectual property valuations in Singapore are offered by professional firms. However, before requesting these services it is best to verify with a law firm in Singapore how you can use these services for good outcomes. The following intellectual property valuations services are available in Singapore:

  • –          the valuation of IP holding companies;
  • –          valuation related to the licensing of companies;
  • –          valuation of IP transfers;
  • –          valuation of the R&D process related to intellectual property;
  • –          valuation of IP in litigation cases.

Individuals can also appeal to IP valuation services in litigation matters, such as divorce, and even in estate planning.

For complete information on the intellectual property valuation services available in the city-state, please contact our attorneys in Singapore.