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Resolve Intellectual Property Disputes in Singapore

Resolve Intellectual Property Disputes in Singapore

The development of the innovation industry correlated with the increase of trade relations between countries has led to the development of mechanisms to protect intellectual property rightsSingapore is one of the countries creating one of the most complex intellectual property rights legislations in the world in order to encourage foreign companies to come and invest here. The Singapore legislation covers all the segments intellectual property. Nevertheless, there are situations in which litigation related to intellectual property cannot be avoided. In order to aid companies and individuals facing difficulties in protecting their intellectual work, the city-state has signed the 1958 New York Conventions which also provides for arbitration in intellectual property disputes.

Intellectual property disputes resolution methods in Singapore

The Intellectual Property Office in Singapore (IPOS) is the main governing body assisting parties involved in litigation related to various intellectual property rights. Among these:

  • –          trademark infringements;
  • –          trademark opposition;
  • –          disputes related to copyrights;
  • –          patent rights;
  • –          disputes related to industrial design rights.

IPOS provides for the following methods of settling intellectual property disputes:

  • –          negotiation;
  • –          mediation;
  • –          expert determination;
  • –          arbitration.

In case any of the above mentioned solutions do not work, the parties can take their litigation case before a Singapore court. Our Singapore lawyers can provide you with information about all intellectual property dispute resolution methods available in the city-state.

Negotiation and expert determination in Singapore IP litigation

While court settlement, mediation and arbitration are the most frequently used methods to resolve intellectual property litigation in other countries, Singapore has also enabled negotiation and expert determination in order to provide parties involved in disputes other means of settling their differences. Negotiation will allow litigants to reach an agreement without interference from third parties and thus allowing them to convene on the terms of the settlement.

Expert determination is available for litigation cases related to patent rights and implies filing an Agreement and Request for Expert Determination proceedings by both parties. Based on the agreement, an expert within the IPOS will review the case and provide a resolution.

For legal assistance in intellectual property disputes or information about the methods to choose in order to settle this type of litigation, do not hesitate to contact our law firm in Singapore.