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Open a HORECA Company in Singapore

Open a HORECA Company in Singapore

In the last several years, tourism has become an emblematic industry in Singapore, as the number of visitors coming here has expanded considerably. The landscapes and the impeccable services offered by services providers and the authorities have determined many investors to open various types of businesses in the hospitality sector, also known as HORECA.

Those who want to establish HORECA companies in Singapore must comply with several laws and regulations imposed by various authorities in the city-state. Our lawyers in Singapore can offer information these laws.

Types of HORECA businesses in Singapore

HORECA is short from hotel, restaurant, café, therefore, these are main types of businesses one can operate in Singapore in this industry. However, there are also other types of companies, such as brasseries, fast food restaurants and accommodation units which can be opened as HORECA companies in Singapore.

Registering a company in the hospitality sector Singapore

In order to open a HORECA company in Singapore, an investor must first choose a business form and register it with the Trade Register in the city-state. It is important to known that in the case of foreign enterprisers a local agent or a law firm in Singapore must be hired to complete the company registration process.

Tax and GST registration are also mandatory when setting up a HORECA business in this country.

Licenses for Singapore HORECA companies

The establishment of a HORECA company is subject to various licensing requirements. Among these are:

  • – a food shop, a liquor license and beer house license in the case of restaurants;
  • – a hotel keep license in the case of hotels;
  • – a music license, which is not mandatory.

Before these licenses are issued, the HORECA company must undergo inspections from various authorities like the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority.

Special attention must be paid to the employees of such establishments, as these must have certain qualifications or significant experience in the field of the hospitality industry.

For full information on the registration requirements of a HORECA company in Singapore, please contact us. You can rely on our Singapore lawyers for assistance with the incorporation of the company.